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SAT 25


Saturday Open Mic Session


w/ Simon Repp, more participants soon!

@/ Kulturverein zur Schießhalle
     Waldeggstraße 116, 4020 Linz

DIY video hosting: A surprise project reveal


Without going into it, let’s state this: Much is wrong with big video hosting platforms dominating the market (Youtube, Vimeo, etc.). Luckily, alternatives exist! Peertube, probably the most well known of them, offers an established foundation, a well maintained project, P2P-powered streaming, federation through activity pub, and much more. There’s no panacea in technology though - we’ve seen peertube instances disappearing, taking offline laboriously crafted video collections, we’ve seen these posts on the fediverse: “Anyone can recommend a peertube instance [that is not going to disappear two months from now]?”. In the belief that not only having alternatives, but also having alternatives to alternatives is how we stand strongly against a decaying, unsustainable commercial landscape, I want to reveal a new tool in the making, a self-hostable video approach to complement existing alternatives, one that will provide agency and persistence also within highly precarious circumstances.

Simon Repp


Developer and designer with a focus on ethics, simplicity and sustainability.

More info soon