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SAT 25


Odd Interaction Workshop


w/ Toma Pilein, Sara Mlakar

@/ Kulturverein zur Schießhalle
     Waldeggstraße 116, 4020 Linz

Odd Interaction Workshop (Oinc)


Oinc is a design practice for exploring experimental interaction designs through hands-on prototyping. The designer of an Oinc object tries to break conventions, play with expectations or question assumptions related to how we interact with objects. It is the process of trying out unuseful, sometimes misguided, or just plain odd interactions. While the results might often be humorous, the objective of an Oinc is to discover unexplored interactions or to unveil hidden properties of devices we interact with. In this workshop, we will try to build our Oincs by reinterpreting existing tools and objects. We will start with an introduction to the world of Oincs and other related ideas. Afterwards, we will provide you with a selection of objects you can hack/extend/redo. Open for anyone interested in the design of everyday devices. No technical knowledge required.

You can register for the workshop here.

We will modify second-hand (electronic) devices during the workshop which we will get from the fleamarket. Optionally you can join our trip to the fleamarket in the morning. For that we will meet at 11:00 at the Mahnmal für aktive Gewaltfreiheit in front of Neues Rathaus.

Sara Mlakar

Sara is an interaction designer and researcher exploring how to create user-friendly interactions for individuals who are encountering novel interfaces for the first time. In her research, she studies users and proposes new approaches to designing HCI interfaces in the fields of smart textiles, IoT, robots, etc. In her artistic work, she explores the same themes through more playful perspectives that include designing uncomfortable robots and odd interactions.

Toma Pilein

As an artist, Toma Pilein explores the physical representation of digital data, hacks second-hand technology and likes to indulge in the field of cocktail robotics. As a researcher, he develops electronic textiles to enable human-machine interactions through textile surfaces. As a curator, Toma collaborated with the art-collective monochrom and the cultural space DH5 in organizing the media arts festivals Roboexotica, Hedonistika and Arse Elektronika.