d*sign week is a week format dedicated to experimental and independent design practices.

Locations and Participation:

The d*sign week program takes place at:

21th November in the Audimax of the Kunstuniversität Linz
Domgasse 1, 1. OG, 4020 Linz

22nd–26th November at the Kulturverein zur Schießhalle
Waldeggstraße 116, 4020 Linz

The participation at the program points is free of charge – exception is the concert on Friday night.

We want the d*sign week to be a friendly, welcoming and safe environments for its participants.
In case of need, please contact dsignweek@servus.at


servus.at is a non–profit net culture initiative based in Linz. It produces artistic research projects about phenomena of digital and networked cultures, and organizes in cooperation with the Art University Linz the biennial festival “Art Meets Radical Openness”. The association also operates an independent cultural data center with open source basic services for its members, consisting of art and culture producers, alternative educational institutions, free media, university institutions and NGOs.

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Potato Publishing is a non-commercial label and artist collective. We offer an open risography printing workshop, an open archive/library, and organize events and workshops in the field of self-publishing. We are open for collaborations and exchange of knowledge and ideas.


Kulturverein zur Schießhalle aka Wirtshaus / Schießhalle / Schiassn (prev. Wirtshaus zur Schießhalle) is an Atelier- & Werkstättenhaus im ehem. Wirtshaus zur Schießhalle

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A project by:

servus.at - Kunst und Kultur in Netz
Potato Publishing

In cooperation with:

Timebased Media - Kunstuni Linz
Visual Communication - Kunstuni Linz
Radio FRO

Organized by:

Gabriela Gordillo
Davide Bevilacqua
Potato Publishing


Sarah Maria Schmidt / Haras (Ananas)
Paul Schwediauer
Juan Linares


Juan Linares

Sound design:

Florin Mougel


Hess Jeon, Lina, Aimilia Liontou, Felix Vierlinger, & more!


Kulturland OÖ
Linz Kultur


d*signweek is supported by:
Community TV station dorfTV dorftv.at
Hausprojekt Willy*Fred willy–fred.org

A special thanks to LINZAG - servus.at main sponsor 2021-2023